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 Sisters Eventz wants to ensure your wedding day vision comes to life.  We know how much time, effort and energy you have put into all of the meaningful details for your special day.  We are here to support you, abling your mom, sister or best friends to fully enjoy the day with you.  We know you are fully capable of making decisions, we’re just here to help you see your vision come to life. 

You have planned it, we make the day effortless for you both.


  You have planned it all and now the time has come to set up your day, who’s going to do that?  Us, that’s what we do.  We are here to execute your ideas flawlessly.  We are also here to keep your day flowing enjoyably and smoothly until your big send off.  

You may have a few questions, let us help.


Our "Wedding Day Management & Parital Planning," is not just one day, it starts when you call us and we have the opportunity to hear about all the plans you have for your "Best Day Ever."  We work closely with you in the months leading up to your wedding, ensuring we understand your vision and assist with any unforeseen wedding day details. We stay in contact with you through in-person meetings, online wedding planning tool, phone calls and emails.  We coordinate your rehearsal, ceremony and reception site set up/decor, create and manage your wedding day time line and all the details you have planned for. 

Meet the Sisters



 I started in the beauty industry over 14 years ago, growing a successful business along the way with hardwork and dedication.  I have had the honor of beatifying many brides, who started as my clients and now I call my friends. 

  My own wedding was a destination wedding 12 years ago and I had no idea what it would take to plan it.  I was thankful for having my sister there to listen to the stress of a bride and reassure me it would all work out.  My wedding day was one day that I will never forget.

  With knowing just how special a wedding day is for a couple, I really wanted to give other couples a day of perfection.  I started this adventure with my sister, just wanting to be there for our friends and family.  It turned out not only were we making the newlyweds day, but we were having a great time while doing it! 



  I have been a Nurse for 15 years, working with women and their families as their new babies arrive.  I have had the pleasure to be apart of so many amazing moments in my patients lives.

Since my own wedding 14 years ago, weddings themselves have changed so much.  The internet and pintrest has opened the world to new amazing ideas for ones wedding day.  What has not changed is the love that is there between two people, their families and friends who surround them on their day.  

  My sister was at my side on my wedding day, she is how I survived the set up and running of our day.  Amy has continued to be at my side, helping set up and coordinate other weddings so those newlyweds may also have such amazing memories.  I am so thankful to be apart of the joining of two lives and making sure their vision comes to life.  

Staying Organized

Online Interactive Planning Tool

 All those wedding details need to go somewhere, why not a place that was made for it.  The wedding planning tool that you will have access to  allows for information to be easily accessed and organized. Those details can include vendor contact info, guest list, planning idea pictures, seating chart imported from your guest list RSVP's and timeline are some of the highlights.  This is a great early planning tool, the sooner the better. 


Just like your wedding day has been customized to you, so are the Sisters Wedding Packages

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